About Us

Tile by Design was founded in the fall of 2004. The business originated as a manufacturer of Fine Art Tile murals using a sublimation process for putting digital images on ceramic, tumbled marble, and glass tile. Although this process created beautiful tiles that were suitable for indoor use, we later discovered there was a need for a more durable solution for floors, countertops and the outdoors. In the fall of 2008 we added "kiln fired" tiles to our options, where the color is baked into the surface creating a UV fade proof and scratch resistant solution.

Although the business has consistently grown in size over the years, it remains a small business at heart and we strive to serve our customers like a small business would, with loads of personal service. Thank you for visiting our site and please let us know if you have any question regarding our products.

In 2013, the business was purchased by the Shaffer family and relocated to the Allegheny Mountains of Central Pennsylvania.

Dan Shaffer- Owner

A young entrepreneur, Dan started his career in the real estate development industry by flipping houses.  Having taken on renovations of all different sizes, he can appreciate both the challenges and rewards in any home improvement project.  Dan currently leads the day-to-day operations, and can answer your questions regarding any of our products.

Contact Dan.