Unique Wedding Gift Idea

It’s wedding season!

Now is the time of year where beautiful brides and handsome grooms stand in from of family and friends to make it official. As a guest, you want to thank the lovely couple with a gift that shows how much you appreciate being included in their special day. But aren’t you tired of picking the same guest towels or salt and pepper shaker set off of the registry? So were we.

Wedding Gift Tile
Wedding Invitation Scanned and Printed on our 8″x10″ Ceramic Tile.  Set on a Decorative Wrought Iron Frame.

We’ve come up with not only a creative and unique gift, but something that allows the betrothed to remember their special day for years to come. Printed on our 8”x10” or 6”x8” ceramic tiles is a copy of their wedding invitation or announcement. We include a decorative wrought iron easel so the tile can be displayed throughout a home or office. If they decide to build their dream home down the road, our tile can be installed as an accent piece in their master bathroom, kitchen, home office, etc.  All we need from you is a hires scan of the document that you’d like to use.

When we came up with this idea, we were only giving them as gifts at weddings we went to. After about the 3rd or 4th one, we started getting calls from friends of friends asking where they could order. That’s when we decided to make the product available for purchase on our site.

Check out the link below for more information, or to place an order for your wedding gift tile. As always, if there are any questions at all, please just ask us. We’re happy to help!